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Don’t go expecting your typical department / drug store offerings, however. „We’re definitely not going Gucci / Prada,” Siger said of the shoes fanciful Italian leopard print loafers and wild black, flame licked boots from such makers as Sesto Meucci and Hype. Men’s and women’s shoes by hipster John Fluevog are expected in this month.

New Apple Watch versions were also launched with more strap options from partners like Hermes, whose double tour strap is in itself a reason to wear the Apple Watch. There’s also a special runner’s watch launched along with Nike. This one is a simple sporty device focused on running without anything else getting in the way..

In order to broaden its line, the company revamped its signature Monogram Canvas in 1959 to make it more supple, allowing it to be used for purses, bags, and wallets. Audrey Hepburn is seen carrying the bag in the film Charade (1963). It is believed that in the 1960s, counterfeiting returned as a greater issue to continue on into the 21st century.

We toured the entire village in two hours, on foot. By then we were hungry. So we drove east across the river, to the Truchas Kiri a trout farm where, for $10, you can catch your own rainbow trout, have someone else clean and cook it, and drink green apple juice on a covered deck dripping with orchids.

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