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Questa Red River Area Campgrounds :: Red River, NMThere are plenty of jokes about Texans and Red River. Most of them are funny; many of them are even true. But one saying that sums up the relationship best is „Ten thousand Texans can’t be wrong.” The two key points in that phrase are that on any giv

Red River :: Red River, NMThe Red River is born peacefully in alpine lakes under New Mexico’s highest mountains. But then, in a mad dash for the Rio Grande, it drops 6,000′ in 20 miles, passing first through the town of Red River, under the ominous mountains of tailing from t

Old Red River Pass :: Red River, NMThis route offers the chance to work on acclimating to these higher elevations without committing to a full day’s ride. From Old Red River Pass you will look south and east into the Moreno Valley. Behind you is a good view of the Red River Valley. Fa

Red River Fault Loop :: Questa, NMGreat doubletrack riding on a pion and juniper covered mesa near the wild and scenic Red River and Rio Grande. This is one of my favorite areas in the northern part of New Mexico. The Wild Rivers Recreation Area offers up a multitude of outdoor pur

Fourth of July Canyon and Red River Pass :: Red River, NMGood riding in the hills east of Red River. Trail surface: Well groomed dirt roads, paved roads, and rough doubletrack.

The Enchanted Circle: Taos Red River Loop :: Red River, NMAn 85 mile mountain loop circling the highest peak in New Mexico. The Sangre de Cristo Mountains are New Mexico’s highest, with summits reaching 13,000 feet and more. The range is part of the Rocky Mountains that extend south from Colorado into New

East Fork Red River :: Red River, NMA day hike through lush forest to the edge of the Wheeler Peak Wilderness.

The High Road: Chimayo, Taos, Red River, and Ojo Caliente :: Taos, NMA long weekend in northern New Mexico? Isn’t that where people go to spend a lifetime, or at least a couple of weeks? That was the case until abundant transportation eased things. Taos is a perfect town for a cultural fix that isn’t overpowering, one

Rinconada Trail :: Questa, NMGreat singletrack riding on a pion and juniper covered mesa overlooking the Rio Grande Wild and Scenic River. The Rinconada Loop Trail is a must stop for any mountain bikers visiting northern New Mexico. The trail is located on a mesa high above th

Wild Rivers Back Country Byway :: Cerro, NMA 13 mile paved Type I road that parallels the deep gorges of the Rio Grande and Red River in northern New Mexico. The 13 mile long Wild Rivers Back Country Byway parallels a spectacular stretch of the Rio Grande as it winds through a gorge that reac

Enchanted Circle Classic :: Red River, NMFor a quarter century the Red River Chamber of Commerce held the twenty fourth annual Enchanted Circle Century. on Main Street in front of Red River’s town hall to ride one of the most scenic loops

Junebug Campground :: Red River, NMThere is no place like Red River, New Mexico, and there is no campground like Junebug. I’ve been coming here since 1991. This pretty campground is just 2 miles from Red River and fills most weekends. Junebug gets a few RVs, but you’ll find great tent

Rio Grande, Upper :: Questa, NMThis is fly fishing for the technically advanced, physically fit, and adventurous. If this is not your profile, skim this section, then read „Rio Grande, Lower.”My general division line for the upper versus lower Rio Grande is at the junction of the

Rio Grande, Lower :: Taos, NMThe upper Rio Grande may be black belt fly fishing. The lower river has water for every skill level. Despite being along the highway, the lower stretch, from the Taos county line upriver, is fished lightly. If it looks too rough for you, very easy ac

4th of July Canyon :: Red River, NMGreat views of the Red River Valley, Moreno Valley, Gold Hill, and Wheeler Peak can be had from atop Old Red River Pass. You will then enjoy a rolling descent that takes you through beautiful alpine forests with still more excellent views to 4th of J

Elephant Rock Campground :: Red River, NMElephant Rock Campground is across NM 38 from Fawn Lakes, an easy one half mile walk to Fawn Lakes Campground. Set up on a hillside, this lovely campground is beautifully terraced, with large campsites. Elephant Rock offers the privacy that Junebug o

Cebolla Mesa / Big Arsenic Trails :: Taos, NMThe Rio Grande has carved a gorge 60 miles long and up to 1,000 feet deep through the thick sheets of lava that emanated from the volcanoes of the Taos Plateau. The river within the gorge remains wild and free flowing, fed by snowmelt in Colorado’s S

Ghost Ranch: Abiquiu to Tierra Amarilla :: Tierra Amarilla, NMA 45 mile drive through the red rock country between Abiquiu and Tierra Marilla. The drive starts in the cottonwood lined Chama River Valley and slowly climbs north into the foothills of the Tusas Mountains, an extension of the San Juan Range of Colo

El Valle South Ramble :: San Miguel, NMNew Mexico Route 3 is a quiet, rural, and historic road in the southern part of what locals refer to as El Valle, and it is worth a day trip or overnighter if you aren’t afraid of dogs. The ride follows the course of the Pecos River, starting at a fu
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Chama River Canyon Wilderness Area Trails :: Abiquiu, NMThis wilderness owes its existence, physically and officially, to the Rio Chama, second only to the Rio Grande as north central New Mexico’s most important river. Like the Rio Grande, the Chama rises in Colorado and runs south. It goes through the vi

Fawn Lakes Campground :: Red River, NMFawn Lakes is a beautiful campground just 3.5 miles from Red River and, like nearby Junebug Campground, fills quickly most weekends. Fawn Lakes will attract RVs, but it is ideal for tent camping. If you select a riverside campsite, you can pitch your

Cimarron Canyon: Cimarron to Eagle Nest :: Cimarron, NMA 23 mile drive through the deep canyon of the Cimarron River. This drive follows the Cimarron River upstream through the deep canyon it has cut through the Cimarron Range, the easternmost flank of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. The Sangre de Cristo

Pecos Area Campgrounds :: Pecos, NMThe mountains north of the town of Pecos have always been a popular destination, but ever increasing numbers of campers are discovering the rugged beauty found here. The attraction lies in the easy access to the Pecos Wilderness plus the trophy quali

High Alpine Lakes :: Cowles, NMFly fishing in northern New Mexico’s high country offers an experience to cast a fly amidst snow capped peaks, some over 13,000 feet in elevation. Numerous small lakes nestled among the peaks present the angler with sparkling cutthroat trout. Just be

Goose Lake Loop :: Red River, NMA beautiful ride in the pine and aspen covered mountains above Red River up to a splendid alpine lake. This ride really appeals to all around mountain bikers. Right off the bat the rider is hit with a big hill climb. The climb follows an old mining r

Jemez Springs Area Campgrounds :: Jemez Springs, NMIf you don’t know the Jemez Springs area, it’s no surprise, because not a lot of people do. Finding it is like discovering the place where the locals hang out just around the bend from the high profile places to which the tourists flock. As you enter

Cimarron Eagle Nest Area Campgrounds :: Cimarron, NMFor many New Mexico visitors this area is practically a second home. The fishing at Eagle Nest Lake is ranked among the best in the state, the scenic drive through Cimarron Canyon is one you will not want to miss, and the hiking is ideal for all leve

Gold Hill :: Taos, NMA day or overnight hike to a high peak above Red River and Taos Ski Valley with bristlecone pines, tundra, and spectacular views.

Lobo Peak :: Taos, NMAt 12,115 feet, Lobo Peak is the highest point in the small range of mountains that lies between the Rio Hondo and the Red River. The mountains rise abruptly from the bordering canyons, forcing the trail to Lobo Peak to gain almost 4,000 feet in 4.5

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