Fortunately, a number of great products are available, 30 marca, 2012

To have read about or experienced only a few aspects of a given subject won’t interest very many people. What the people want is a thorough discussion of the subject from as many different points of view as possible. This, of course, requires research, and to do research, you have to know where to find the material you want..

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The other day I am at the club getting ready to work out. I am standing in the row of lockers talking to another guy. I hear a couple kids come in behind me but don’t turn around. Instead of spanning continents, my rides now hardly cross neighborhoods. My typical solo jaunt is to a Cuban bakery, where I read comic books and eat saddle sized slices of guava pie. The Bianchi got dented and gooey gel started leaking from my handlebar tape, but I didn’t mind.

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