FOX23 and KRMG’s Lynn Casey heard every moment of the testimony 22 lutego, 2013

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Cheap Jerseys china TULSA, OKTulsa District Attorney Steve Kunzweiler told KRMG news, „you all heard the same stuff our office, and quite frankly defense counsel, has had to kind of keep under our hat for the last seven months.”It wasn’t easy to hear.Deputies testified about what the brothers told them and also in place of the boy’s 13 year old sister who, along with her two year old sister, survived the attack. „She, I think, really appreciated the opportunity to not be in that circumstance,” Kunzweiler told us.FOX23 and KRMG’s Lynn Casey heard every moment of the testimony, read her notes below.A Broken Arrow detective testified about interviewing Robert Bever. He said Robert Bever said he’d been planning to kill his parents since he was 13. Cheap Jerseys china

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