He asked for invoices, receipts and or cancelled cheques as 7 kwietnia, 2012

For the groups of revellers rolling around the Old Town http://www.fancyofferhandbag.com, Prague is pilsner in vaulted taverns (the best in the world). For absinthe connoisseurs, it is sipping the lethal elixir in the caf Slav opposite the National Theatre, glancing at the symbolist painting, (recovered by former habitu, velvet revolutionary, playwright and president Vaclav Havel) of an elderly gent in an empty caf having a green vision of a naked young woman on a table. For lovers of Kafka and his disturbing vision, it is the bookshop in the main square with his father’s sign of the raven and his tiny house in Golden Lane in the Castle that so haunted his imagination.

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At the time, Picken asked Todd to verify that in 2008 and 2009 about $25,000 in funding was given to the orchestra. Todd responded that the orchestra audited financial statements did not show any such funds being received. He asked for invoices, receipts and or cancelled cheques as evidence of the funding.

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