How to Make a Quill Pen 18 września, 2010

If the ink spills out of the pen in messy blobs, then the edges from the outside to the tip haven’t been cut properly. They should be gently curved, not straight, creating a flat surface area at the tip. canada goose
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Straight cuts allow too much ink to cling to the surface area of the tube, releasing a blob when the pen touches the paper.

If the ink splatters in many different directions, then the shape of the tip is too narrow. Slice a bit off of the tip to make a wider base.

If the pen doesn’t write at all, or the letters fade as you write, check the slit to make sure it is cut properly. Dip the pen in ink and wipe away the excess with a clean cloth. If you can still see some ink where the slit is, then it is fine. But if this area doesn’t hold on to some ink, then the slit isn’t fully cut. Use your craft knife to fully cut the slit.

If your pen isn’t writing, another possible problem is that the two tines on either side of the slit are not even. Look at them under a magnifying glass, and make sure that they are perfectly even with each other.

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