How to Make Goose Clothes 18 września, 2010

The simplest clothing to make for ornamental cement geese is generally that of a „skirt” that slides over the goose’s head. The basic design is a tiered skirt. Optionally, one can add arms (or wings) to the skirt. With arms, a bit of creative whimsy comes in. Many outfits have the arms sewn so the „hands” are clasped. The hands can hold many things: a doll’s basket of flowers, a small platter with BBQ or most anything found in the miniatures section of a hobby store. Aprons and hats add an extra bit of whimsy.

Measure the circumference of the goose at the widest point. Also measure the length from the base of the goose’s neck to where you want the skirt to reach and add 2 inches (for seam allowances).

Cut the first rectangle as long as the goose’s circumference plus one quarter more. Make the rectangle’s width two thirds of the skirt’s length. canada goose
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gooseonsale Cut a second rectangle twice as long as the goose’s circumference; its width should be one third of the desired skirt length.

Gather the second, narrower rectangle and sew it along the edge of the first rectangle. This is the ruffle tier. Sew the sides together to make a tube.

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