I like a pop of color; I don’t do all black or all dark colors 15 listopada, 2012

Oh, and leggings, they’re back and that’s OK but you’ve got to cover your behind wear a tunic with cool shoes or boots. I like a pop of color; I don’t do all black or all dark colors. I don’t want to fade away. Do you feel comforted when surrounded by large quantities of things? I, personally, feel the need to be surrounded by the things that I love and wear. I could pull anything from my closet and know that it will work. I am big on editing, clear on what I’ll never wear again and have over the years built a pretty cool wardrobe filled with great pieces.

While visiting Los Angeles in June, the famed 53 year old designer talked to us about his first foray into fragrance.What parameters did you give the perfumers?The first thing I asked is that the scent not only be an emulation of femininity but in a classical way without too much opulence. I told them, me the essence of the scent. Something that you would be happy to live with yourself on your wife, on your daughter.

Von Teese prides herself on her „artificial glamour”, which she believes is more easily achievable than the natural beauty that women are encouraged to aspire to. „I”m a big fan of movies of the 1930s Christian Louboutin Clearance, „40s and „50s and it was the look of the stars of those eras that appealed to me: false eyelashes, red lipstick Christian Louboutin Clearance, lots of blush, blue eyeshadow. Those stars had a commitment to glamour.

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cheap christian louboutin uk shoes The fascination with Grable was underpinned by another fixation. „All these scenes of showgirls backstage getting dressed, tightening their corsets. I became obsessed with lingerie and how it was a secret code of women, a sort of ritual I never thought about it as something to seduce men. I was obsessed with the idea of ‚when do I become a woman and get to wear this stuff?” cheap christian louboutin uk shoes.

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