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pandora rings AbstractObjective To study the association between parental depression and maternal antidepressant use during pregnancy with autism spectrum disorders in offspring.Participants 4429 cases of autism spectrum disorder (1828 with and 2601 without intellectual disability) and 43277 age and sex matched controls in the full sample (1679 cases of autism spectrum disorder and 16845 controls with data on maternal antidepressant use nested within a cohort (n=589114) of young people aged 0 17 years.Main outcome measure A diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder, with or without intellectual disability.Exposures Parental depression and other characteristics prospectively recorded in administrative registers before the birth of the child. Maternal antidepressant use, recorded at the first antenatal interview, was available for children born from 1995 onwards.Results A history of maternal (adjusted odds ratio 1.49, 95% confidence interval 1.08 to 2.08) but not paternal depression was associated with an increased risk of autism spectrum disorders in offspring. In the subsample with available data on drugs, this association was confined to women reporting antidepressant use during pregnancy (3.34, 1.50 to 7.47 pandora bracelets, P=0.003), irrespective of whether selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) or non selective monoamine reuptake inhibitors were reported pandora rings.

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