Of course this tunnel is in no way located in some place as 26 czerwca, 2012

I don’t have a good embeddable clip, but someone put all her scenes together (badly) here. Look at how hard she chews her gum, how every action is exaggerated. It’s great, because at first it seems like we’re just seeing an animated party girl, and it’s only later that we learn these are the actions of an overzealous 13 year old girl playing grown up.

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Ace with the Lafayette Escadrille in World War I. As a fighter pilot, Lufbery claimed 17 kills and 73 hits during his career. Date of memorialization: Oct. If you like cap space, it’s a win. If you deplore moronic, ball jamming basketball, it’s a win. Augustin back up Kyle Lowry, it’s a win (Augustin was cut Monday to make room for Vasquez, who is a more than capable backup point guard and a significant upgrade over Augustin and Dwight Buycks)..

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He was one of the most feared linebackers in during the 1990s in the NFL. After his days in Miami, he was a free agent and I had the pleasure of meeting him at Chicago Stadium during a Chicago Bulls’ NBA game. The Packers had lost to the Cowboys in the NFC Championship game and were trying dethrone the Cowboys and 49ers as the powers in the NFC.

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