School gymnasium Sunday afternoon 16 czerwca, 2013

OWOSSO, Mich. (AP) Relatives, friends and ex teammates of Brad Van Pelt acknowledged the football star’s feats but said they were overshadowed by his faith, humility and friendliness. Nearly 1,000 people filled the Owosso High School gymnasium Sunday afternoon at the funeral service for Van Pelt, who was 57 when he died Tuesday of an apparent heart attack at his Harrison home.

Don think that it will impact this investigation at all, other than the fact that it something that clearly the defence will try to use, Harris said. DA (Faith) Johnson has already stated that the investigation by the public integrity unit will be independent and based solely on the facts of the shooting. And his two brothers and two other teenagers were driving away from an unruly house party in Balch Springs late Saturday night when Oliver opened fire on their vehicle with a rifle.

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