‚The Police Athletic League is a juvenile crime prevention 14 listopada, 2012

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replica hermes The money used to buy the book bags and school supplies was raised by the Tuscaloosa Police Department through fundraisers like the Exchange Club/PAL Charity Golf Tournament and the department’s letter writing campaign.’I appreciate the Exchange Club for their continued support of PAL Replica Hermes,’ Swindle said in a written statement.’Through their generosity and the hard work of our PAL officers, this event touches the lives of hundreds of children in our community.’The Police Athletic League is a juvenile crime prevention program designed to place police officers and at risk youth together in a positive environment through structured programs such as athletics, educational activities and cultural trips.The league provides children with the opportunity to participate in organized activities promoting self esteem, drug awareness, community cleanup, and mentoring.Each week PAL serves more than 200 children with special after school programs such as computer labs, study hall Hermes Replic, basketball, organized play periods and extended holiday hours.The league also runs the Kids Club, sponsored by Calvary Baptist, which promotes similar activities.According to the city’s Web site, Tuscaloosa has the only nationally affiliated Police Athletic League program in Alabama. Lt. Greg Kosloff serves as the league’s programs director replica hermes.

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