This is a god with a claim to universality 6 lutego, 2013

They are the backbone as well as the beneficiaries of Mexico’s economic boom. They’ve learned to make money the new way. Instead of depending on government contracts and protective tariffs, they are starting up new companies and revamping older ones, moving into the office towers that seem to be going up everywhere in this capital city of 18 million.

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The Facebook trademark has been registered for a variety of products, including soccer cleats and condoms even though the social media site is banned in China. Embassy in Beijing and now a visiting professor of law at Fordham University. „The system creates lots of opportunities for abuse.

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But he’s not only big in magazines. He also writes books, both fiction and non fiction, and seems to do pretty well at this, too. His book on press barons, Paper Tigers, was a best seller, as was his first novel, Fashion Conspiracy, „which is currently number one in Korea”.

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