This may not be helpful in patients suffering from ischaemic 3 września, 2012

Jordan Howard, a rookie from Indiana, already has two 100 yard games. His backup, Ka’Deem Carey, had nine of his 13 carries Sunday against Jacksonville. „Howard has had a couple good games but I didn’t see vision,” said an executive in personnel. This may not be helpful in patients suffering from ischaemic heart disease. However, it makes very little difference to the oxygen requirement whether or not the heart actually succeeds in emptying. The principal determinant for cardiac oxygen consumption is the PT integral (the area under the left ventricular pressure versus time curve) and the volume of blood pumped has only a minor influence on the result.

Finn came back to clean Dhoni up with a bouncer that was gloved to the keeper. Next ball he moved round the wicket to burst through the defence of Akshar Patel, who now has two ducks in two innings in Australia. Bhuvneshwar Kumar avoided the hat trick, but couldn’t save the top of his off stump from Anderson in the next over.

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