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Virtual Vsync works to prevent tearing when the GPU delivers too many frames. Lucid’s software determines which frames would make it to the display before the end of each refresh cycle, and it simply discards surplus frames. The GPU still does the same amount of rendering work, but surplus frames are never sent to the display.

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Shih Tzu and Yorkie mix puppies are occasionally found to have renal dysplasia, a disorder of the kidneys. This disease is genetic, and for that reason, a parent affected with renal dysplasia could pass the disease on to their offspring. Reputable breeders do not breed from animals that carry a family history of congenital illnesses..

Beatles, who began their journey as modest club entertainers ended up as the cultural icons of an entire age. They represented the very ethos of the newly evolved cultural and social mores of their times, a product of counterculture era; the very success Beatles made them the spokesman of angst ridden age, thereby catapulting them into demi god status. History has it that the working class Liverpuldlan roots of the Beatles, their take on ordinary, day to day human experiences and progressive ideas interspersed with rock n roll, their vociferous views on contemporary issues of their times, and their experience with psychedelic drugs (all thanks to Bob Dylan, who introduced them to marijuana) propelled them into instant stardom..

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