who was raised in Longmont 18 maja, 2012

Lopez, who was raised in Longmont, said he should either be dead or in jail now because of his gang activities. He was introduced to gang life in Phoenix, Ariz., when his family moved there and he was „stuck in the middle of inner city racial wars that were happening.” At 16, he witnessed „a lot of things,” he said. He learned that hanging out with people from different cultures, as he was used to doing, made him a target, so he sought the protection of Latinos..

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Clark returned to ‚swinging’ London for long enough to see it wasn’t to his taste then went searching for a civilisation that could resist the ‚concrete wave covering the planet’. He spent the best part of 10 years looking in Africa, South America, the States, especially California, and Canada. After resisting India for years, he finally relented; as expected, it was the trip to end all trips.

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