Zihuatanejo travel guide 16 maja, 2011

Zihuatanejo Ixtapa airport is very convenient to the hotels in the area, with many hotels offering free shuttle service. The airport is serviced by direct flights from Minneapolis, Los Angeles, Dallas, and Houston, plus Mexico City, Vancouver and Phoenix (seasonally).

Zihuatanejo is also well served by long distance luxury buses from such places as Acapulco, Morelia and Mexico City. There are plenty of taxis to take you out to the airport or the bus station. At the muelle, dockside, there are lanchas, open boats, to various points along the coast, most notably the Playa Las Gatas across the bay. Getting to the flashy sister resort of Ixtapa can be done easily by bus.

„Taxis Seguros” charges $35 from the airport to the south end of Zihuatanejo (January 2014). However, it is much cheaper from one point to point (that isn’t an airport). Here is a Page with sample prices.

Zihuatanejo is a self grown little resort on the Baha Zihuatanejo. The feel of the place is very relaxed and Mexican, and it is very unlike its sister resort of Ixtapa, a planned resort to attract the gringo dollar. Expect to find backpackers and other individual travellers along with Mexican holidaymakers. The latter are also among the more relaxed, as the Mexico City jet set fresas of course intermingle with the estadounidenses in Ixtapa.

The main attraction of Zihuatanejo is the sheltered Baha Zihuatanejo with safe swimming. Several lovely beaches surround the bay, Tankini Swimwear
including the Playa La Ropa („Beach of the clothes”) and the Playa Las Gatas („Beach of the she cats”), the first named after a shipwreck including Chinese silk, the latter named after little, harmless sharks called „she cats” because of their whiskers.

Playa Las Gatas, across the bay from town, is reached by lanchas, open boats. You buy the tickets at the ticket counter, and queue up at the pier. This is usually a quick affair. The beach itself has white sands and plenty of palapas (thatched umbrellas). You sit down under one for free, as long as you order your drinks and your lunch from the owner of the palapa. Snorkeling is recommended from the snorkel shop located just off of the boat dock. A very nice artificial reef was created in precolumbian times.

The small community amphitheater and basketball courts provide great evening weekend events. a lot of vacationers from Mexico City), there are loads of things to buy in Zihuatanejo. In addition to swimwear and other beach accessories, you can buy a lot of Mexican handicraft. There is of course anything from cheap junk to high quality artworks.

Visit the shops and market close to the Playa Municipal, fanning outward from the pier. There is an excellent textile shop right along the water.

Adventure Divers (Adventure Divers Scuba Diving), Calle Adelitas 68 (along the main road from La Ropa beach to downtown Zihuat), 7555579787, [1]. 9am 8pm. Adventure Divers is a PADI affiliated scuba dive shop that runs daily scuba and snorkel trips to the nearby reefs and rock bottom sites where there are plenty of tropical fish to swim with. It is located across from the small fish market and provides incredibly fresh fish with superb service. The open patio flows into the nice dcor of the restaurant. The selection is broad with most dishes moderately priced. The food is well presented and very good. Boutique hotel on Playa Ropa, consistently rated by travel magazines as one of the most luxurious hotels in the world. Infiniti pool, full spa services, and gourmet dining.

Hotel Brisas Del Mar Ph 01 152 755 5542142 from the US, [5]. A very charming and well kept beach front hotel with eight different type of suites, pool, a restaurant and bar. Each room has a balcony with a hammock and outstanding sunset views. Great price and superb service.

Tides Zihuatanejo Hotel (formerly Hotel Villa del Sol)Playa La Ropa Tel: (866) 905 9560, [6] Small luxury beach resort, tastefully decorated with Mexican art and crafts. Its cheerful rooms reflect the colours of the tropics. Tides Zihuatanejo Hotel ex Villa del Sol is located right on Playa La Ropa beach, by the village of Zihuatanejo. 35 suites located in villas among tropical gardens. A tiny blue stream runs by your side wherever you walk, filling ponds, splashing into fountains or spilling over an aqueduct right into one of the swimming pools.

Hotel Irma 1 800 262 4500; Playa la Madera. Affordably priced rooms, most with air conditioning and balcony that overlooks Playa la Madera. Poolside food and bar service. A staircase off the patio takes you right down to the beach. Fantastic, friendly staff.

Solimar Inn Suites (52) 755 554 0662, [7]; 12 fully equipped and nicely decorated suites for a very comfortable vacation for families and couples. Located in charming Zihuatanejo. A family owned operated property. English spoken.

Hotel Zihuatanejo Centro (52) 755 554 5330, [8]; For relaxation, adventure, fishing or just to enjoy the real Mexico with your family or friends.

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